PreserVac Vacuum Seal Rolls

Optimize your food storage, enhance the longevity of your perishables, and experience the unrivaled quality of PreserVac. Our Vacuum Seal Rolls are meticulously crafted to ensure the freshness of your food is locked in, every time.

PreserVac 2 x Wide Vacuum Packaging Rolls 40cm x 3m



PreserVac 2 x Food Saver Rolls 22cm x 5m


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PreserVac 2 x Cryovac Rolls 28cm x 5m


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Choose the Perfect Size for Your Needs

Whether you’re sealing small portions or larger batches, PreserVac offers an array of roll sizes tailored to your unique requirements:

22cm x 5m Vacuum Seal Rolls (Pack of 2)

Perfect for everyday meals and portion control.

22cm x 5m Vacuum Seal Rolls (Pack of 2)

Ideal for larger food items and meal prep.

40cm x 3m Vacuum Seal Rolls (Pack of 2)

The go-to for sealing bulkier items or large quantities.

PreserVac Food Vacuum Sealer Roll Sizes

Why Choose PreserVac Australia?

PreserVac rolls are meticulously designed to be a universal fit. No matter the vacuum sealer model you own, our rolls ensure a seamless seal.

100% Food Safe

Experience peace of mind with our tasteless, odourless rolls that prioritize your health. Always 100% food safe!

Superior Quality

Crafted from a durable multi-layer PA-PE composite material, our 150microns thick rolls harmoniously blend the strength of Polyamide (PA) with the adherence of x-crossed micro-channel layers made of Polyethylene, ensuring maximum freshness.

PreserVac 150 Microns Vacuum Sealer Rolls

Bulk Order and Save!

Planning on sealing frequently? Don’t let the fear of running out of rolls keep you from preserving your food. Take advantage of our enticing bulk order options:

Money-Saving Bundles

Buy in bulks and pocket the savings.

Always Be Prepared

Stock up and rest easy knowing you’ll always have rolls at the ready.

PreserVac Vacuum Seal Rolls

Keep Freshness Constant. Choose PreserVac Vacuum Seal Rolls!

Dive into a world where food preservation meets unparalleled quality. Seal with confidence, seal with PreserVac. Order now and elevate your food storage game!