PreserVac PXXL-i400 Vacuum Sealing Machine 40cm

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  • Soft-Close Locking System
  • ‣ 150 Cycles Non-Stop
  • ‣ Heavy-Duty DC Motor & Dual Pump
  • ‣ Progress Display
  • ‣ Integrated Roll Holder
  • ‣ Integrated Roll Cutter
  • ‣ 2 years commercial use warranty
  • ‣ 2 years domestic use warranty
  • ‣ 40 cm Double Seal
  • ‣ Vacuum Pressure -0.9 bar
  • ‣ 25 Ltr/Min
  • ‣ 360 Watts
  1. ‣ PreserVac PXXL-i400 Vacuum Sealing Machine
  2. ‣ Vacuum Hose Attachment for Containers
  3. ‣ Instruction Manual
  4. ‣ 1 x Vacuum Seal Roll 40cm wide x 3m long


PreserVac PXXL-i400
Commercial Vacuum Sealing Machine


Industrial Vacuum Sealing Machine PreserVac PXXL-i400

Get Commercial-Grade Quality and Flexibility with the 40cm Wide Vacuum Sealing Machine

The PreserVac PXXL-i400 is a 40cm wide vacuum sealing machine, and a must-have for anyone who wants to have a high-quality commercial grade vacuum sealer with the flexibility to seal products of any size. With a 2-year commercial and domestic warranty, this machine gives you the peace of mind you need when investing in a commercial-grade appliance. The 40cm wide sealing bar gives maximum flexibility, making it ideal for sealing large items such as fish, meat, or commercial applications. Whether you need to seal large quantities of food for a restaurant or catering business, or you want to keep your food fresh for longer at home, this machine is the perfect solution. Its commercial-grade quality ensures that it will last for years, making it an excellent investment for any business or household.

PXXL-i400 Technical Details

Dimensions (WxDxH)



Construction Materials

Cycles Non-Stop

Seal bar




✔ The process is straightforward – just push the lid on both sides until it click into place. That’s it! The lid is already locked in and you’re good to go!

150 Cycles Non-Stop

✔ Non-stop sealing means you can work continuously without the need to wait for the vacuum sealer to cool down or rest, allowing for more convenience and efficient use of time.

Heavy-Duty DC Motor & Dual Pump

✔ Designed to function as a robust and dependable workhorse, the Industrial Motor/Dual Pumps with 360Watts is capable of non-stop operation, making it an ideal choice for commercial environments where large quantities of items need to be vacuum-sealed at once.

Fan Cooled Seal Bar

✔ Our vacuum sealer machine features a fan cooled seal bar, which is designed to maintain a consistent temperature and prevent overheating during continuous sealing. This ensures reliable and efficient sealing without any interruptions or damage to the vacuum sealer.

Integrated Roll Holder & Cutter

✔ Creating custom-sized bags is a breeze with our vacuum sealer – simply pull the bag to the desired length, slide the inbuilt cutter across to separate it, and seal it shut for a perfect fit!

40 cm Wide Seal Bar

✔ Now you can easily vacuum seal or sous vide larger food items that your standard 30cm vacuum sealer cannot accommodate. A useful tip is that you can even seal two bags at the same time, as long as they fit on the seal bar of the PreserVac PXXL-i400 vacuum sealing machine with a small gap in between them.

i400 Features


Sealing Time Settings

What makes this Special




Your New PreserVac i400

Take your culinary creations to the next level with a PreserVac PXXL0i400 - the ultimate vacuum sealing Machine featuring a wide 40cm sealing bar for sealing larger items with ease, and commercial grade reliability for professional use.

With the 40cm wide PreserVac PXXL-i400 Vacuum Sealing Machines larger sealing capacity and robust commercial grade build, you can confidently seal even the biggest culinary creations for your restaurant or catering business.e.

PreserVac PXXL-i400 Best Commercial Vacuum Sealing Machine Australia

Additional information

Weight 5.9 kg
Dimensions 50 × 18 × 13.5 cm


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