PreserVac 2 x Wide Vacuum Packaging Rolls 40cm x 3m


  • ‣ Food Safe
  • ‣ Odourless
  • ‣ Tasteless
  • ‣ Freezer & Sous Vide
  • ‣ Universal Fit
  • ‣ X-Crossed Air-Venting-Ribs
  • 150 Microns
  • ‣ Freezer & Sous Vide
  • ‣ Giftbox
  • ‣ 2 x Vacuum Pack Rolls 40cm wide x 3m


40cm Wide Vacuum Pack Rolls

Australia's Best Food Vacuum Packing Machine


Buy Wide 40cm Vacuum Rolls 150 Microns

Introducing the PreserVac 40cm wide vacuum pack rolls – crafted from a durable multi-layer PA-PE composite material, our 150microns thick rolls combine the strength of Polyamide (PA) with the stickiness of x-crossed micro-channel layers made of Polyethylene. These vacuum packer rolls create airtight vacuum seal bags that remain tightly sealed even in extreme temperature conditions, such as those encountered in the freezer or during sous vide cooking, making them the perfect choice for larger items. With competitive pricing, our 40cm wide vacuum packer rolls provide exceptional value compared to other quality vacuum packaging rolls on the market. Experience the convenience and versatility of vacuum-packed foods with our high-quality 40cm vacuum packer rolls.

Your New PreserVac 40cm Wide Vacuum Pack Rolls

Pack big and seal strong with our 40cm wide vacuum pack rolls - the perfect match for our i400 vacuum sealing machine!

PreserVac's 40cm vacuum pack rolls are engineered to fit seamlessly with our i400 vacuum sealer. The 150 Microns thick Multi-Layer foil, provides the ultimate solution for sealing and preserving larger items with ease and durability.

PreserVac Best 40cm Wide Vacuum Seal Rolls Australia

Universal Wide Vacuum Packing Rolls

✔ These 40cm wide vacuum packing rolls are designed to fit any vacuum sealer machine with a minimum width of 40cm, regardless of brand or model, making them versatile and convenient.

Cost-effective solution

✔ You don’t have to worry about finding the right size roll for your vacuum packaging machine. You can simply use one roll for all of your vacuum pack needs.

Tasteless, Odourless, and 100% Food Safe

✔ These high-quality wide vacuum packing rolls are made from materials that are specifically designed to keep your food fresh and safe for consumption. They are safe for all types of food, including fruits, vegetables, meats, and fish. 

Why Better Use 150 Micron Vacuum Packaging Rolls

✔ These extra thickness of 150 micron vacuum packer rolls provides better protection against punctures and tears, reducing the risk of leaks or contamination. They can also be used for non-food items such as jewelry or documents. 150 micron thick and extra-wide wide vacuum pack rolls offer a range of benefits, including better protection, extended shelf life, suitability for heavy-duty use, and versatility.


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